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As a dynamic Creative Director with over a decade of industry experience, I have successfully led creative projects from inception to completion, driving brand elevation for esteemed clients. My innovative and impactful design strategies have consistently met and exceeded expectations, contributing to significant market share increases and over $10 million in sales. With a proven track record in directing and producing high-impact creative, I excel in developing and executing strategic marketing campaigns that resonate with target audiences and achieve organizational goals.


Tech 2

Art Director / Senior Graphic Designer

Assisted in the package design of the top selling items of 2021 for big box retailers

Led the design process for products, including brainstorming, sketching and creating prototypes. 

Evaluated consumer and market trends for packaging materials

Collaborated with marketing and creative teams, factories, and merchandisers, to create a successful product.

Presents designs to clients and stakeholders using sketches and design software; ensured successful representation of clients’ brands



Art Director / Senior Graphic Designer

Reviewed & approved designs, photography, & graphics developed by other staff members. Incorporated UX/UI across 250+ WP/LP to increase  scroll depth, page sessions & other KPI’s.

Led strategy & development of all creative campaigns across channels.

Designed creative for Web Pages, PPC Ads, Blogs, & Social Media.  

Identified & managed new talent.


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Mad Studios

Art Director  / Junior Graphic Designer

Designed creative for national brands. Managed the creative stage of the proposal process, & assisted in pitch to sell creative ideas.

Presented conclusions and ideas to clients and other agency staff. Met the clients to learn about the brand and advised them on the their target market.

Supervised the production of live action shoots, including casting, wardrobe, production.


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